Gratitude Turkey - A Lesson Inwards Thankfulness (Craft Project)

One of the phrases I role oftentimes alongside my children is "have an mental attitude of gratitude."  I desire my children to empathise the concept as well as importance of thankfulness.  We are blessed on hence many levels in our household.  Sometimes it's difficult for kids to driblet dead on that inwards hear when mom or dad may tell "no" to the newest Lego laid or an expensive couplet of jeans.

This project is a perfect means to allow them to recess for a few moments each twenty-four hr catamenia to actually intend nigh all that nosotros bring to move thankful for.  The calendar month of Nov seemed similar a wonderful fourth dimension to actually contain a projection similar this into the lesson of what Thanksgiving is all about!

The sentiment is to draw as well as cutting out the trunk of a turkey on a large slice of paper.  Glue or record it to a poster board or larger slice of newspaper as well as then, cutting out a bunch of feathers from carte du jour stock or structure paper.  Each twenty-four hr catamenia during the calendar month leading upwards to Thanksgiving, bring your kid intend of something they are thankful for as well as write it on a plume to move added to the turkey.

By the fourth dimension Thanksgiving rolls around, they volition bring created a beautiful turkey fine art project.

My excogitation is to have my children show off their turkeys to our identify unit of measurement during our Thanksgiving dinner as well as read through the things that they bring written on the feathers.

I picked upwards a pack of extra-large structure newspaper for nether 2 dollars at Wal-Mart.  We already had crayons, gum as well as scissors at home.

Each kid sketched out a turkey body, drew on a facial expression upwards as well as cut the whole thing out.  We glued each i to a large slice of paper, wrote their names on it and pose it upwards on the wall alongside that removable putty materials that is used for posters.

We are all excited to run into their turkeys "bulk up" alongside each novel daily feather!

UPDATE 12/4/12:  After much prodding from my kids to teach pics of their finished projects upwards on my blog, hither are their gratitude turkeys inwards all of their glory!  My immature adult woman took the photos, hence delight excuse the blurriness. ;)


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