Make-Ahead Freezer Smoothie Packets

Of course, I convey to convey my morning time java ... peculiarly inwards the colder months.  But, I usage love smoothies together with know that they are super salubrious (if made amongst the correct ingredients) together with a keen means to showtime the day.

Here's a convenient together with clever means to ensure you've e'er got everything prepped together with create to larn for a quick smoothie to convey amongst breakfast, inwards house of breakfast, for a kid's after-school snack or exactly equally an afternoon pick-me-up for yourself!  Older kids tin fifty-fifty whip upward their smoothies on their ain amongst these on hand!  You freeze your yogurt together with fruit for smoothies inwards unmarried serving baggies together with proceed them inwards the freezer until you're create to blend together your drink!

Each baggie (or "packet") makes ane large smoothie or 2 smaller portions.


Start past times freezing evidently or vanilla yogurt inwards an H2O ice cube tray until solid.  (If you lot opt for evidently yogurt, you lot may wish to sweeten upward the smoothie when blending amongst a petty dear or agave.)

If you lot don't convey an H2O ice cube tray handy, yogurt tin hold upward frozen inwards a mini muffin tin.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 half-dozen oz. container of yogurt filled 12 wells inwards my tray.  Each good is near 1 tablespoon.

If you're starting from fresh fruit, construct clean it together with freeze it on a canvass tray amongst the fruit non touching.  (This volition ensure that it doesn't freeze inwards a large clump together.)  If you're starting amongst frozen fruit, you're already skillful to go.

Place 1 1/2 cups of frozen fruit into sandwich-size storage or freezer bags.  (Berries, peaches, kiwi, mango or pineapple are splendid choices!)  Add in 5 - 6 yogurt cubes to each bag.  Seal together with freeze.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 sliced banana tin hold upward added at the fourth dimension of blending, if desired.  If you lot wish to add together the banana BEFORE freezing the packet, exactly seat out banana slices on a canvass tray together with freeze earlier adding to the pack.

When you're create to brand a smoothie, blend contents of handbag amongst milk or juice until a shine consistency is obtained. Since contents are already frozen, no postulate to add together ice!

Oats, wheat grass, a handful of fresh spinach or flax seeds tin hold upward added in, too. 

Slurp away!

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