Pd's Old-Time Beef Stew

I took Paula Dean's recipe for Old-Time Beef Stew too adapted it a flake to my family's preferences.  {For example, I included potatoes too peas inwards my version.} I was intrigued past times the improver of solid position down cloves inwards her recipe.  I never would cause got idea to add together something similar that to a stew, but it plant magically inwards the dish.  It is non overpowering, but does offer that extra something in damage of depth too flavor.  I, also, similar that this comes together inwards merely a couple of hours compared to my regular beef stew recipe that takes all 24-hour interval to cook.
This stew is rattling thick too hearty. So, it's rattling satisfying too perfect for the chillier months of the year.
NOTE:  I recommend actually taking the fourth dimension to sear the meat thoroughly. Doing too then is the foundation for the residual of the recipe ... a adept sear on the beef is needed for that rich depth of flavor that helps brand this stew outstanding.

Yields iv servings.


2 tablespoons olive oil
2 pounds beef stew meat
4 cups beef stock/broth {or H2O with 3 - 4 beef bouillon cubes}
i tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
i garlic clove, peeled too finely chopped
i onion, peeled too chopped
i bay leaf
i teaspoon salt
i teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon freshly-ground dark pepper
1/2 teaspoon paprika
Small pinch/dash solid position down cloves
three carrots, peeled too sliced
2 ribs celery, chopped
three - 4 potatoes, peeled too cutting into pocket-size chunks
Handful of frozen peas
i tablespoon cornstarch {if needed/desired for thickening}


Sear meat inwards hot fossil oil inwards Dutch oven or soup pot. {Do this inwards batches if needed to non overcrowd the pan.} Add inwards beef stock/broth {you tin add together a niggling to a greater extent than later, if needed}, Worcestershire sauce, bay leaf, garlic, onion, salt, sugar, pepper, paprika too solid position down cloves. 

Cover too simmer on depression for i 1/2 hours. Check occasionally to ensure liquid marker remains close to the overstep of beef. {Add additional stock or to a greater extent than or less hot H2O every bit needed.}

Remove bay leaf. Check too adjust seasoning.  Add inwards carrots, celery, potatoes too peas. {Again, if in that place doesn't look to endure plenty liquid, stir inwards additional H2O or stock/broth to keep liquid marker merely below the marker of the beef/vegetables.}

Cover too produce an additional thirty minutes or merely until veggies are tender, but non mushy.

To thicken gravy {if desired}, mix cornstarch amongst a flake of mutual frigidity H2O until fully dissolved. {It should resemble a free paste.} With stew liquid at a simmer, stir inwards the cornstarch slurry. Reduce heat so that stew is slightly bubbling. Cook merely a few minutes until broth thickens. Serve.

02/08/17: Updated primary photograph too made clarifications to post.

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