Quick As Well As Slow Mini Pizzas

I late posted a actually yummy recipe for Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Mini Pizzas.  In representative you lot missed it, hither is the principal photograph from the post:

My sis stopped over the nighttime I had root made these.  She was equally inwards dearest alongside them equally I was!  The next day, I warmed the one, lonely leftover mini pizza up inwards the oven for a few minutes (the recipe makes 8 total) as well as was pathetic when I had taken the rattling concluding bite!  They were that phenomenal!  And, approximate what happened the twenty-four hr stream later on that?  I was craving those niggling babies large fourth dimension as well as wishing I had doubled the recipe ii days prior! 

So, the ingredients went dorsum on my grocery listing as well as thence I could brand them all over in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than this week!

But, since Mr. as well as ii of my kids don't attention for buffalo chicken, I decided to alternative upwards unopen to items to brand their mini pizzas to a greater extent than traditional.

I wanted to portion only how quick these are to throw together no thing what toppings or road you lot conduct to larn alongside this method. 

Seriously.  This is 1 of the quickest as well as simplest ways I've always done pizzas.  And, I intend belike the tastiest!

This is really only a method here.  Use whatever sauce, toppings or cheeses you lot prefer or conduct hold on hand. 

Go crazy ... exercise your ain thing here!  You could exercise a chicken alfredo pizza.  Or, brand a spinach as well as mushroom version.  H5N1 breakfast pizza would live fabulous alongside this method!  The possibilities are endless!

This is an absolutely perfect recipe to brand alongside kids!  The tin dismiss assistance alongside as well as thence many of the steps ... as well as they dearest adding whatever they similar to their ain niggling pizzas!


You volition involve either 1 loaf of frozen breadstuff dough (cut into eight equal pieces) or eight frozen dinner rolls ... thawed as well as brought to room temperature.  I conduct hold mine out of the freezer the nighttime before, house inwards a gallon-size plastic handbag as well as permit to thaw overnight inwards the fridge.  Allow dough to sit down out on counter (keep inwards plastic handbag as well as thence it doesn't larn dried, crusty edges) as well as permit to come upwards to room temp prior to forming into circles for the pizzas.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Line a large baking canvass alongside parchment newspaper as well as spray newspaper alongside non-stick spray.  (If you lot don't conduct hold parchment paper, only spray baking canvass liberally alongside spray.)

Press each of the 8 balls of dough out into uniform circles using your hands.  Place on baking sheet.

Spread a niggling love apple tree sauce onto each round.

Top alongside whatever toppings you lot prefer.  We did a mix of pepperoni as well as ii kinds of olives.  Just don't overload the pizzas or everything won't bake properly as well as evenly.

Top alongside a low-cal sprinkling of cheese.  (We used mozzarella on ours.)

We added a twosome to a greater extent than toppings on overstep of the cheese only as well as thence everyone could come across what pizza was their pizza.

(See my niggling Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Mini Pizzas in that place are the end!  Yum!)

Bake for well-nigh xiii - xv minutes or until everything is squeamish as well as bubbly.

Garnish alongside fresh basil, scallions or chives (if desired).  Serve at nowadays or shop inwards fridge.  To reheat, house pizza(s) on a foil-lined baking canvass inwards an oven ready to 350 degrees for well-nigh 8 - 10 minutes.

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