Reindeer Noses (With Photograph Tutorial)

It was a gloriously fun in addition to enjoyable weekend that actually helped perish me inward the vacation spirit.

During the 24-hour interval on Saturday, nosotros made "salt dough" ornaments.  They are all the same drying in addition to my children cannot expect to endure able to pigment in addition to decorate them this week! My married adult man in addition to I took the kids out shopping Sabbatum black thence that they could purchase all of their Christmas presents for each other in addition to for us.  My kids love, love, dear existence able to store for other people ... they convey such a giving pump in addition to ever seat a lot of seek into picking out simply the correct gift for those they love.  We took the chance on the twenty-five infinitesimal automobile ride abode to banking firm check out Christmas lights inward the towns that nosotros drove through ... all land singing along to Christmas carols on the radio.  It was quite a beautiful even out spent as a family.

On Sunday, nosotros spent the 24-hour interval at my mother's solid decorating a huge amount of carbohydrate cookies land enjoying the society of extended family.  And, i time nosotros arrived dorsum home, I pigeon into this projection - Reindeer Noses.

Aren't they simply as good cute?  I don't shout out upwardly where I get-go saw this idea, but I knew I wanted to brand a bunch of these for the kids to add together to their instructor gifts this twelvemonth in addition to to convey on-hand to attach to presents throughout the vacation season.

This projection is pretty uncomplicated to do.  I made my labels past times hand, but they could easily endure made on the reckoner in addition to printed out.  With already having the cardstock, ribbon, markers, colored pencils, gum gun in addition to stapler on hand, I intend I peradventure spent unopen to iv dollars between the candy in addition to the bags that were needed to create this project.

What You Will Need:

Clear Treat Bags (mine came inward a pack of 20 inward the political party department at Wal-Mart for unopen to a dollar)
Card Stock (in whatever color or pattern you lot desire)
Glue Gun (with gum sticks)
Stapler (with staples)
Ribbon (in whatever color or size you lot desire)
Pencils (for sketching out your label design)
Fine Sharpie Marker
Colored Pencils or Markers (to fill inward whatever parts of your labels that you lot wishing colored)
Malted Milk Balls
Cherry Sours


Cut your process bags all the agency across virtually 5 inches from the bottom of the bag.  This volition rid the excess share of the overstep of the handbag that you lot don't need.

Cut a slice of cardstock the exact width of the process handbag (mine was 5 inches wide) in addition to virtually 4 1/2 - 5 inches tall.  Fold the cardstock as inward one-half thence that it volition check over the overstep opening of your bag.

You tin embellish these inward whatever agency you lot wishing ... vacation stickers or scrapbooking materials.  If you lot pick out to operate ribbon across the cardstock as I did, cutting the ribbon a petty longer than the width of your cardstock in addition to attach the ribbon to the cardstock utilizing a gum gun.  Press downward to smoothen out the gum a bit.  (Be careful because the ribbon volition endure hot for a few seconds!) 

Trim off whatever excess ribbon at the ends.

Attach whatever hand-crafted or printed label you lot wishing on overstep of the ribbon.  I sketched out my labels past times paw amongst pencil, traced over the pencil amongst a sparse Sharpie in addition to colored inward a few parts amongst colored pencil.

Place viii malted milk balls in addition to i sour cherry candy inward the bag.  Fold over the overstep opening of the handbag virtually 1 inch and seal amongst a staple at each end. 

Place the cardstock label over the top of the bag evenly in addition to staple at both ends i time again - trapping the process handbag within of the flaps of the label.

That's it!  Repeat until you've made the desired amount you lot need.

"TO" in addition to "FROM" tin endure written on the dorsum along amongst whatever vacation message you'd similar to include.

NOTE:  Sandwich or snack size baggies tin endure used if you lot can't uncovering clear process bags.

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