Slow Cooker Overnight Oatmeal (Water Lavatory Technique)

I've made oatmeal overnight inwards the ho-hum cooker before.  And, although it was good, clean-up was a flake of a acquit because the oatmeal cemented onto the sides of the ho-hum cooker (even though I had thoroughly greased the within walls).  We could swallow from the middle of the oatmeal, but I had to soak the dang ho-hum cooker for hours, then, literally "chisel" away at the parts that were terribly dried on.

But, I loved waking upwards to the odor of the oats, apples too cinnamon ... too to having breakfast fix to go!  So, I came upwards amongst the concept of using a pan within of the ho-hum cooker too creating a H2O privy to help amongst the crusty, almost-burnt edges. 

It worked similar a charm!  I was sooooo thrilled!

I accept a large oval ho-hum cooker, which I intend would endure best since y'all require to gibe a loaf pan downwards into the insert.  You tin buy disposable aluminum pans inwards diverse sizes that may move amend amongst your ho-hum cooker ... and, build clean upwards would endure fifty-fifty easier!

Although I used apples inwards my recipe, the options are endless.  You tin role berries, peaches, dried cherries, raisins or nuts.  Or, y'all tin totally omit whatever fruit during the cooking procedure too add together fresh berries or bananas to your ain bowl inwards the morning.  Drizzle on some maple syrup, pour on some milk or overstep amongst a footling fruit preserves.  Whatever your fancy, simply know it'll endure a non bad repast to kick-start your morn right!

I used old-fashioned oats, but steel cutting oats move great, too.  They agree upwards a footling amend during long-term cooking ... too accept a nuttier season too heartier texture.

Yields iv - five Servings


1 1/2 cups old-fashioned oats (not quick-cooking or instant!)
1/2 teaspoon salt
iv tablespoons dark-brown sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons butter, cutting into modest pieces
two cups milk
1 loving cup H2O (plus to a greater extent than to practise the H2O bath)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 apple, cutting into chunks (Either peeled or unpeeled - whatever your preference)
1/2 - 1 teaspoon cinnamon (however potent of cinnamon season y'all prefer)


Place a ball of foil crumpled upwards on the bottom of your ho-hum cooker.  This volition help sturdy your pan if it doesn't quite sit down stable plenty inwards the ho-hum cooker.

Place a greased breadstuff loaf pan (yes, mine is really well-used too has many "miles" on it) on overstep of the crumpled foil.

Add inwards the oats, salt, dark-brown saccharide too butter.  Pour inwards the milk, H2O too vanilla.  Stir.

Top amongst the apples too cinnamon.  Do non stir.

Gently pour virtually two cups of H2O into the bottom of the ho-hum cooker where the foil is.

Lid too fix on depression for 6 - vii hours.  (Mine was fix closed to the six-hour mark, thus I simply turned the ho-hum cooker to warm every bit the household unit of measurement trickled inwards for breakfast.)  This is how it volition look.  Give it a gentle stir.  Sprinkle on some to a greater extent than dark-brown sugar, if a sweeter sense of savour is desired.

You'll wake upwards to the most amazing smells inwards your trouble solid ... too to breakfast waiting for you!

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