Sweet Roasted Acorn Squash

I was dwelling identify alone.  The kids were at school.

I kept walking past times the ii beautiful acorn crush (or is it squashes ... hold back - that looks weird ... pretty certain it's squash) that were hanging out on my counter.

When I bought them the other day, I didn't accept whatsoever specific plans for them.  They simply looked so splendid sitting in that place at the grocery shop in addition to they called out to me to convey them home.  I responded past times having the kids seat them in the cart.

Not knowing if the kids would fifty-fifty swallow them, I decided to cutting 1 upward in addition to arrive for myself for luncheon spell they were away.  (Moms require to eat, too!)

Sunny Anderson in addition to The Pioneer Woman both accept or thence tasty-sounding recipes for these greenish in addition to orange beauties.  So, I prepared mine using a combination of the ii recipes.

Once baked, the crush tin move served as-is ... a cute piddling acorn crush "bowl" that begs for yous to swallow it past times the spoonful equally yous combat the flesh off of the pare spell scooping upward or thence of the buttery, sugary basting liquid.  (I intend that was a major run-on correct there, huh?)  Your other pick is to scoop out all of the flesh (with the liquid) into a bowl or casserole dish, mash it all upward similar yous would mashed potatoes and serve it that way.  (That road can, also, move done inward advance and the crush reheated when ready to serve.)

For me, personally, I similar private things.  I similar my ain crush one-half in addition to the sense of scraping the insides out past times myself past times the spoonful ... bite-after-lovely-bite.  But, you're a big kid.  Do what ya want!  I hope it'll move wonderful either way!

Most recipes telephone telephone for ii whole acorn crush in addition to serve four people.  I cutting the recipe inward one-half since I only was making 1 squash.  The recipe below is written using 2 squash, however.  If you're only using 1 squash, you'll require to halve the recipe below.


2 acorn squash
four tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons chocolate-brown sugar
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
Kosher salt
Black pepper
Pure maple syrup (optional)
2 tablespoons raw cane carbohydrate (optional)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Carefully cutting each crush inward half. 

Scrape out the "insides." 

Place the halves flesh-side upward on a baking sail or casserole dish.  (I lined mine amongst foil for easier clean-up.)  Sprinkle each one-half amongst a flake of tabular array salt in addition to pepper.

Divide the butter, chocolate-brown carbohydrate in addition to nutmeg into the catch of each squash.  Drizzle on a flake of maple syrup, if using. 

Pour 1 - 2 cups of hot H2O into the bottom of the pan.  This volition deal continue the crush moist.  Cover amongst aluminum foil, but larn out or thence gaps for steam to escape.

Bake for thirty minutes, in addition to thence uncover in addition to bake for or thence other thirty - xl minutes or until the crush is completely tender.  Baste the crush amongst the sugary liquid several times throughout the baking 1 time uncovered.  (I likely basted mine most every vii - 10 minutes.  It's totally worth it!)

Sprinkle the tops amongst the raw cane sugar, if using.

Even if non using the cane sugar, broil the crush for most v minutes later it is completely cooked in addition to starting to chocolate-brown on top.  You're looking for the tops to become all caramelized in addition to for the butter/sugar mixture to bubble.

Baste 1 final fourth dimension earlier serving.

Then, select grip of a spoon in addition to dig in!

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